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How to choose a Spanish school in Chile

Where and how to Study  Spanish in Chile? SpanishschoolsinChile.org recommends studying in a school certified by ACHELE –Chilean Association of Schools for Spanish as a Foreign Language–, the only national association of Spanish schools recognized by the Chilean state. (Download ACHELE Certification)

What GUARANTEES can schools affiliated with ACHELE offer?

Among others, we highlight:W

  • Being established as a company according to Chilean law.
  • Offering both group and private Spanish courses in at least 3 levels, throughout the year.
  • The courses have a coherent and appropriate structure: levels, objectives, content, and a methodology that resonate with the students’ needs.
  • A set number of students, not to exceed 10 per class.
  • Native teaching staff with appropriate certification, preparation, and experience.
  • Permanent extracurricular activities, including social, cultural, sports, and others that are programmed on a weekly basis.
  • Recognize and respect the rulings stated by the Student Ombudsman.

Student Ombudsman

In the case of a conflict between a student and the school that cannot be settled, the Association offers a possibility for conflict resolution. The Student Ombudsman will intervene at the student’s request as an independent entity, empowered to take part in the conflict and resolve it. All parties involved will accept the rulings of the Student Ombudsman.

E-mail contact: defensor@achele.org
Read the complete quality guaranty
More information at www.achele.org

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