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Chile: the ideal place to study Spanish

Learn Spanish in Chile

Chile is the most economically and politically stable country in Latin America and a safe tourist destination for travelers. Chileans are known to be happy, friendly, sociable people. Visitors are fascinated by the extreme contrasting landscapes Chile has to offer: the Atacama Desert in the north, the vast Pacific Ocean to the west, the impressive Andes Mountains to the east, and Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and the glacial Antarctic in the South. experience.

Chile also boasts traditional architecture, colorful markets, and a first rate gastronomic

Throughout the country there are language schools that have been certified by the Chilean Association of Schools for Spanish as a Foreign Language (ACHELE) that offer high quality, full Spanish programs for foreigners, both group and private Spanish courses, extracurricular activities, varied housing options, and a fun introduction to Chilean and Latin American culture.

Northern Chile – Atacama

Northern Chile – Atacama

In the North, you can visit the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on the planet. The Chilean North is famous for its spectacular volcanoes, geysers, abandoned ghost towns that once flourished during the saltpeter boom, beautiful beaches, green oases, internationally renowned archeological sites, salt flats, and national parks.

Central Chile

Central Chile

Santiago, an ideal city for studying Spanish

Santiago is the capital and the main urban hub of Chile. It’s one of the most modern cities in South America, full of modern buildings, an extensive and efficient subway network, as well as shopping centers and ample green spaces. It’s a cosmopolitan city that offers a first rate cultural experience. Its pleasant dry climate–it hardly rains from October to April (summer) and the winter is mild with many sunny days and temperatures that rarely go below freezing–and its vibrant cultural life make this beautiful city an ideal place to study Spanish.

From Santiago, we recommend you visit the Andes Mountains and the fertile Central Valley where fruits and vegetables are harvested for export and where you can also find famous vineyards that produce world renowned Chilean wines.

Spanish schools with ACHELE certification in Santiago

  • Escuela Tandem Santiago
  • Instituto Chileno Suizo de Idiomas y Cultura
  • Escuela Bellavista Chile
  • Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

    Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

    No doubt you will be enthralled by Valparaíso– a port city designated as a Cultural Heritage Site known for its picturesque hills and observation decks with historic trams–and by Viña del Mar–an elegant, festive seaside town. Its pleasant coastal climate, with highs of 24ºC and lows of 8ºC, is more temperate than that of the Central Valley.

    Spanish schools with ACHELE certification in Viña del Mar

  • International Center
  • Southern Chile – Patagonia

    Southern Chile – Patagonia

    Pucón, the tourist capital of the Lake Region, is known for its striking natural beauty. Beautiful lakes, crystalline rivers, native forests, active volcanoes, and national parks, all offer an unforgettable experience to its visitors. The climate here is more humid and it’s likely to rain throughout the year. November through March is the ideal time for ecotourism and adventure tourism: climbing a volcano, rafting, and hiking. From June to September you can ski the Llaima and Villarica volcanoes.

    Espanish Schools with ACHELE certification in Pucón:

  • Lingua Plus
  • Puerto Natales

    Puerto Natales

    Located in the far south, Puerto Natales is the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park. This majestic mountainous region with its varied landscape and climates, from the Patagonian pampas, to glaciers, ice fields, fjords, canals, and native forests, attracts tourists from all over the world.

    Chile insular

    Chile insular

    The islands in Chile are absolutely magical! Let yourself be swept away by Easter Island, Chiloé’s big island, or the legendary Robinson Crusoe Island.

    Spanish schools in Chile Achele ProChile Sercotec
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