Welcome to the Spanish programs offered by the Instituto Chileno Suizo de Idiomas y Cultura

You will learn Spanish through different immersion programs that encourage oral and written communication, including grammar and structure, to boost your progress. The way our levels are structured, along with our interactive and communicative methodology, provide a short-cut to learning Spanish that allow you to reach an intermediate-advanced command of the language in a short time. Our teachers all hold degrees in education, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They will motivate you to advance quickly, they will teach you Spanish grammar, and they will familiarize you with our culture, helping to make your linguistic stay in Chile a truly unforgettable personal experience.

We are a language education center that specializes in providing you with the cultural and linguistic tools necessary for intercultural communication at the highest level in social, professional, and global environments. This is achieved in an atmosphere that is creative, stimulating, and productive.

We are an excellent option for learning Spanish or perfecting your knowledge of it, at competitive prices.

We offer Spanish classes all year long and for all ages. They begin on Mondays and you can choose between group classes, from 3, 4, or 5 lessons of 45 minutes daily, with flexible schedules. Private lessons are ideal to prepare you for an exam or if you have specific learning needs. For example, if you would like to settle in Chile, do a professional internship, or be part of a university exchange program.

We invite you to take an active role in your Spanish language immersion program, to learn about our culture, get to know interesting places, make new friends, and enjoy your stay in Santiago. You can rely on us to help make your experience both positive and unforgettable. We also offer you opportunities to practice your Spanish in real communication situations and become more familiar with the culture and history of Chile through our extracurricular activities, such as visits to wineries, museums, tourist and historical sites in Santiago, as well as bar, cooking, linguistic and cultural workshops, hikes, etc.

You can be a part of our exchange activities with Chilean students of English, French, German and Italian, to swap linguistic and cultural knowledge. In order to better learn the language it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to practice the language and our Chilean students can share with you knowledge that you wouldn’t attain in class.

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