Escuela Bellavista Chile

Escuela Bellavista Chile

Escuela de Idiomas Bellavista was founded in September 1987, is one of the best Spanish schools in Chile, and specializes in Spanish language instruction. We have a team of experts who helps you to achieve your goals. We do what we commit. We are also providing high quality and international investment procedure for our students. Team of expert will definitely help you in each step of learning.

We are a school focused on “Immersion Programs” with an emphasis on communication. We combine the systematic and gradual learning of Spanish with the desire to learn more about the Latin American culture. A Spanish immersion program in Chile is one of the brilliant ideas by our institution. We deal with two languages as one is primary language and the other one is secondary language, according to this program. Both languages are given priority by our teachers. It’s up to you which language you want to choose as your first language and which one as your second. We have a qualified permanent cadre of ELE teachers, with daily training and experience in Spanish language instruction; teachers who are experts in “immersion programs” and with “exchange students in Chilean universities.”

We provide different Spanish courses in Chile for better language improvisation. We provide free indoor and outdoor activities in Santiago city for language practice. If you practice more, you learn more. We offer different weekly courses which includes extracurricular activities which are completely free of cost. We also offer salsa classes, different place excursion in Santiago to understand the locality and culture of the city. These amazing courses are specially designed to combine which you have learned inside class room with real life situations you’re facing in Chile.

Our material is produced in-house by the Bellavista team for 3 basic levels and 11 sub-levels. To get complete information about Spanish courses and programs which are designed by us, please go through the following information.

You might like to join Spanish Classes in Chile

Group classes: maximum 7 students

Group classes: maximum 7 students
  • Four 45-minute sessions, Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 1:30pm
  • Courses begin every Monday
  • Courses last anywhere from one to 20 weeks
  • Special offers (Spanish, transfer, activities, and housing)
  • Super intensive courses, 30 classes/week, includes 20 group sessions and 10 private sessions
  • All materials are included
  • Certificate of Study

Afterhours extracurricular activities

Afterhours extracurricular activities
  • Communication practice according to your level, Tuesday & Thursday, 3:00-4:30pm
  • Excursions to historic and cultural sites, where you can practice your Spanish
  • Phonetic workshops
  • Movies and documentaries in Spanish
  • Recreational and sports activities

“Weekend” excursions around Santiago

“Weekend” excursions around Santiago
  • Mountain excursions (hiking to valleys and glaciers)
  • Mountain excursions (one day ski trips)
  • Visits to wineries (Concha y Toro and Cousiño Macul)
  • Excursions to the Pacific coast (Pablo Neruda’s house in Isla Negra)
  • Excursions to the coast (Valparaiso and Viña del Mar)

Housing, 3 different types

Housing, 3 different types
  • Family home, close to the institute (room and breakfast)
  • Hostel, close to the institute: private or shared room
  • Furnished apartment