Family houses
In our culture, family is the linchpin in the day-to-day communication, so knowing the functioning of a Chilean family is to understand the dynamics of everyday life. International Center works with more than 40 families in the downtown area, minutes away from the school, which have opened their doors to welcome foreign students as a member of the family. This service provides three meals a day, laundry, plus all the amenities that the family can offer (Internet, cable, home cooked, etc.)

Shared houses with other students
We offer student houses and apartments, located near the sea, supermarkets, malls, gyms and minutes away from International Center. All homes have cable TV, wireless internet access, utilities, single bedrooms, maid service twice a week, and are fully furnished.

Internships and Volunteering
With the purpose of achieving a comprehensive learning process of Spanish, International Center offers our students the opportunity to enter the Chilean world of labor through internships and volunteer work.
In order to guarantee your participation in this activities, we work with over 50 companies from different fields such as architecture, law, journalism, enology, engineering, education, advertising, medicine, social work, among the most requested.