Structure of Spanish Courses in Tandem Santiago®

At Escuela de idiomas Violeta Parra – TANDEM Santiago®, you can start group courses at all levels every week. You can reserve a spot in a Spanish class with just 1 week’s notice or many months in advance. Due to the compact nature of our program, all basic grammar is covered in just 8 weeks.

An intensive Spanish course, composed of 4 daily lessons of 45 minutes, allows you to supplement your vacation with some language study. The Super Intensive Spanish Course or the Crash Course, with 6 or 7 daily lessons can guarantee the highest level of progress in a short period of time.

Group courses begin every Monday. Groups are limited to a maximum of 7 students. We offer 8 to 10 different levels of Spanish, depending on the number of students currently enrolled in the school. Each level equates to one week of Spanish class.

Please note our special offers for Spanish courses of 4 weeks or more in the three modalities: Intensive, Super Intensive, and Crash. During low season–May, June, and December we offer a 10% discount on our group course price.