International Center

International Center

International Center, founded in the year 2002, is a language and cultural exchange school in Viña del Mar, Chile. International Center is located in downtown Viña del Mar near to Quinta Vergara. We have experienced teachers who are proficient in area of Spanish language teaching. We have comfortable classrooms for our students with complete audio-visual systems. If you are looking for best Spanish international center in Chile, then International Center should be your first choice. We are providing leading Spanish classes to local as well as foreign students.

If you are looking for Spanish schools in Chile, International Center should your first choice. It has highly experienced teachers in foreign language. International Center has centralized audio-visual classrooms with a computer lab with free email and internet access system. These arrangements are specially done for local and foreign students to create a comfort study zone.

The main language taught in our facilities is English. During 2004, we started a Chilean cultural immersion program, which consists of a mix of classes and other activities, and fulfills the goal of learning a language through experience. We also provide so many extracurricular activities which are also included in courses to enhance the practical skills of learners. They can visit different famous areas in the city, interact with their people, and use their education in real life to communicate with others.

International Center is surrounded by colorful hills, blue sea; beaches make this city more beautiful. Its famous Mediterranean temperature makes this place cool and environment friendly for Spanish learners. This place is also surrounded by different castles and palaces, which have safe and secure environment. This city gives the visitors a royal feeling and excitement. Its nightlife is quite interesting with intense culture. We have so many programs to include our students into these real life occasions. Through this idea, they can implement their knowledge into their real life. Currently, we have more than 150 foreign students traveling each year to participate in our Spanish programs.

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International Center

International Center is a language school and cultural exchange center founded in Vina del Mar in 2002.

In January 2004, we started working with foreign institutions and individuals providing students the opportunity to have an immersion program to Chilean culture that includes classes and different kind of activities that meet the goal of learning the language through experience.

We currently have over 150 students who travel each year to join one of our Spanish programs. Currently, more than 150 foreign students study in our school, who arrive each year in different programs (Spanish classes, internships and summer programs).


All activities in International Center are performed by highly trained professionals. Our teachers have master degrees and PhD in different areas of teaching Spanish such as grammar, literature, history and language. In addition, any professional who wants to be part of our teaching staff, training must perform a teaching Spanish as a second language to non-native speakers of the language Hispanic.

International Center in Viña del Mar

International Center in Viña del Mar

The oldest branch of our language school is located in the resort town of Viña del Mar.

Viña del Mar is a coastal city in central Chile in the Valparaíso region and province. Its population is approximately 320,000. It is well known as a tourist destination for its beaches, cultural activities and landscapes, besides being just 15 minutes from Valparaiso, cultural capital of the region and 90 minutes from the capital of Chile, Santiago.

Spanish classes

Spanish classes

Our Spanish programs are designed keeping in mind communication effectiveness for every level. Our programs are divided by the level: basic, intermediate and advanced.

We use exclusive theme-based material (designed and edited by our teaching staff) in our programs containing the use and history of Spanish in America and Chile. Sessions are 45 minutes long, with breaks between meals, where students have the opportunity to interact with the rest of the staff and students of International Center. Each theme-based unit is supported by activities outside the classroom.


Family houses
In our culture, family is the linchpin in the day-to-day communication, so knowing the functioning of a Chilean family is to understand the dynamics of everyday life. International Center works with more than 40 families in the downtown area, minutes away from the school, which have opened their doors to welcome foreign students as a member of the family. This service provides three meals a day, laundry, plus all the amenities that the family can offer (Internet, cable, home cooked, etc.)

Shared houses with other students
We offer student houses and apartments, located near the sea, supermarkets, malls, gyms and minutes away from International Center. All homes have cable TV, wireless internet access, utilities, single bedrooms, maid service twice a week, and are fully furnished.

Internships and Volunteering
With the purpose of achieving a comprehensive learning process of Spanish, International Center offers our students the opportunity to enter the Chilean world of labor through internships and volunteer work.
In order to guarantee your participation in this activities, we work with over 50 companies from different fields such as architecture, law, journalism, enology, engineering, education, advertising, medicine, social work, among the most requested.